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Our holistic skincare products use ingredients that are organic or are known not to be genetically modified. Olive oil is either organic or sourced from Italy or Greece. We take pride in our ingredients because not just our customers use them, but so do we. It is important to us that our products contain no toxins, artificial ingredients, or fragrances. We do not use essential oils because some individuals are sensitive to scents and these include even essential oils.


From Our Customers

"Hello again beautiful people I am so in the mood to share more great news about a product I use everyday. The Eye And Face cream that’s right I use it under my foundation and sometimes at night. Absolutely love it. I used to get dry patches on my face. Hmmm not any more. Also seems to have helped my age spots dimishing . Yep fading !"

"My husband has been seeing a dermatolist for the last several years. He had to put some kind of horrible prescription cream on his arms that totaly irritated his skin and was very painful. He put the Healing Salve on his arms and it really helped to heal them. The itching stopped and it moisturized them. Really good for daily use on your arms."

"I have never been one who liked products on face. But when I found Night Scrub. I was in Heaven. It makes my face feel and look amazing. I am 57 years old and people think I am much younger. I highly recommend this product. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."


ONLY $58

Get all the products in standard size Soothing Salve, Eye & Face Cream and both Facial Scrubs. $58.00

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