January 17, 2020

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Today CBD oil is all the craze. I myself have been apprehensive of this craze. I mean it seems confusing to me when they refer to it as cannabis. Both marijuana and hemp have been refereed to as cannabis, rightly so they are in the same family. So is CBD marijuana or hemp, or is it both?

I had a friend tell me I should include CBD in my products. I said no, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. Besides there is so much out there how do I know which is the best? Which is pure? I don’t and I think a lot of research and time would go into trying to figure this out. I’m already busy enough growing my business, but then something appeared in my email this morning. It was for a summit being done on the topic of CBD oil. Actually I have received it before, now normally I would click on a natural health summit in a minute. This is where I get a lot information on how to live a better quality of life naturally. I can listen while I work and if something peaks my interest go back and listen more intently. Well I blew this one off, rolled my eyes and went not going there. However, this morning I thought to myself, you know this might be just what I need to understand more about CBD oil.

If you are like me and skeptical or feel you don’t know enough about CBD oil join me in watching the summit. It is called The CBD Health Revolution and is going on right now until the January 19, 2020. Don’t worry if you miss some they always do a replay. There are 31 experts speaking on various aspects and you choose which ones you want to hear. Now if you are already a fan of CBD oil you are going to love the freebies being offered. The ones that captured my attention are……

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I just want to say that I did use CBD oil once for sleep and it did not do anything for me. This is why I am going to listen to the summit, so I can gain more knowledge and hopefully find out more about choosing a CBD oil.



Have you used CBD oil? Please share your experience.

Are you like me and on the fence about CBD oil? Please share, I’d like to know if there are others out there like me.


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