Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst has been known as the stone of sobriety. It’s name comes from the word amethustos which in Greek means non-drunk. The Greeks went as far as to create Amethyst cups to ingest alcohol beverages  believing it would prevent intoxication.

Amethyst has been found in Europe, Canada, United States and South America in large quantities. While purple is the most common color of Amethyst it can also be found in green, pink and transparent lavender, all contain the same energy.

Uses & Purpose


Amethyst may aid with a better quality of life and spiritual growth. It is also known to aid with creativity of any kind, this could be an artist, actor/actress, composers, poets etc. It is said by keeping Amethyst close during moments of creativity it will aid with focus and amplify ones creative energies.


Amethyst is known as the “all healer” for humans, animals and plants. A polished piece placed where plants are not thriving aids with growth. If your pet is avoiding a certain area consider placing a piece of polished Amethyst there. It is able to counteract negative energies where ever they are encountered.

Physical Benefits

Amethyst is beneficial for a variety of physical issues. However, just wearing, carrying or placing the crystal on the part of the body with the issue does not work for all issues. Making an elixir is more powerful for many of the ailments mentioned. In order to do this there are steps that need to be followed. Cleansing the crystal, energizing it and programming it to learn more click here.


Amethyst is excellent for protection against physic and paranormal attacks or any ill wishers. It transforms the energy into positive, loving energy and returns it to the universe. Protects the wearer from infections and disease, control evil thoughts. Wearers of Amethyst also aids in protecting travelers against criminals.


Amethyst is very soothing and calming and that is why it is referred to as nature’s tranquilizer. It is capable of aiding with transmission of the neural signals through our brains. May aid with obsessive compulsive disorder and also calm over active children and animals. Place a piece between a pillowcase and pillow to aid with insomnia and/or prevent nightmares. I sale at a farmers market and if I have Amethyst on my table guarantee a child walking by will pick it up. I hear the guardian say “No, you don’t need that.” It may also aid with fear of the dark or aid with homesickness. It is also a great crystal for empathys to have. Calms anger both in you and and other people present.

Other Uses

  • Increase intellect
  • Aid in business matters
  • Aid in hunting
  • Spiritual connection
  • Purifies the aura
  • Increases intuition
  • Increases imagination
  • Better focus
  • Achieve success
  • Aids with money decisions
  • Helps with overindulgence
  • Aids with overcoming bad habits
  • Aids with a deeper relatio

Crystals to use with Amethyst

Combine with crystals with a high vibrational frequency – Moldavite, Tremolite, Yttrium Fluorite, Natrolite, Phenacite and Hollandite Quartz.

Combine with these crystals in dealing with over coming addictions – Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline, Datolite, Pink Thulite, Tantalite, Astrophyllite, Hematite, Unakite, Staurolite or Smithsonite

Combine with these crystals to heal the following chakras, Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star – Gabbro,  (Blizzard Stone,) Tourmilated Quartz, Purple Stichtite, Shamanite Black Calcite, Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Aura Quartz, Golden Healer, Mookaite Jasper  (Mook Jasper,)  Papagoite, Ascension Stones, Prophecy Stone, Diaspore, or White Topaz

Choosing Amethyst

I prefer to be among crystals when I am buying them. Actually crystals choose you, you just think you are picking them. The body knows what it needs and will put in your path. When I am seeking out a specific crystal I like to be able to hold it and feel the energy. Think about how you want to use it for meditation a cabochon or palm stone works well, earrings made from Amethyst are great as they are near the upper chakras, a cluster,sphere or terminator (generator) is a nice piece for the bedroom and is decorative. If you go into a store the person should be knowledgeable enough to guide you to what you are looking for.


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