Power of Reinvention Summit

July 9, 2020


I am so honored and excited to find out that I was selected to be a part of the Power of Reinvention summit. I will be joining 44 other speakers to share my story of reinvention from July 15 17 2020. Some of you already know my story and what I do, to others I am totally a new name and face.


So what I do is help others live a better quality of life naturally. I do this by providing various products like organic skin care, tinctures, essential oils, crystal jewelry, diffuser jewelry, polished crystals and Shungite for EMF (electromagnetic field) protection. By blogging, writing, speaking and through my podcast and YouTube channel I share information I have learned from all my research since 2011. Now I am doing the Power of Reinvention summit to share my message of natural living with more people.

This is a unique summit as there are 10 categories to choose from, but you can only choose 3. From there you can choose as many speakers on that topic that you want to. Another unique aspect of this summit is that there is a small cost of $9.04 to join and listen to the talks as they take place. However, you can get access to all talks and replays for 30 days for $14.69

I love the diversity of this summit because it encompasses every aspect of our lives, here are the categories.

I am in the Health & Nutrition category and will be on Friday July 17, 2020. My topic is Journey to a Natural/Holistic Lifestyle for a Better Quality of Life. I will be touching on 4 points, have a PDF checklist for those wishing to start their own journey and be offering a discount code for Heavenly Bodies products for those who attend my talk. My 4 points are….

  • A Story of Misdiagnose
  • Research & Lifestyle Changes
  • Modalities for Ongoing Health
  • Debunking the Beauty Care Industry


I hope you will join us for this unique and diverse summit where speakers will share their stories of Reinvention. Oh and some of the speakers are offering a free gift to one lucky attendee.

What aspect of your life would you love to improve in/on? Mine is business, so I’ll be checking out some of those speakers. If you know someone who would be interested in the Power of Reinvention Summit please share.


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