Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

August 14, 2020

Tiger Eye is excellent for aiding us in every situation we encounter, by giving us clearer vision and a better understanding of every aspect of it. It allow us to take information and see it from all perspectives while encouraging us to use our power wisely. Gives aid to changes we need in our lives giving power to our intentions with clarity, so we can manifest with greater ease. Tiger Eye encourages our creativity through use of our talents and various abilities. It is excellent for bringing wealth into our lives and prompting us to use it wisely and helping us maintain it by making smart choices.

Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for those who wish to go into business for themselves. It is excellent for aiding us with determination and to eliminate fear in various situations we might encounter. While it is excellent for protection against energy vampires it will also increase our insight and perception when we encounter unfamiliar situations or places. It increases our senses, so we are better able to give attention to details and be prepared to take positive steps. When a situation is moving too quickly it aids us with making the correct decision by giving us the insight that is required. Use it to aid in determining an others character, for quick thinking or for determining the outcome of one’s own actions.

Turn to Tiger Eye for the following issues. 

  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Binge eating
  • Addictions with drugs or alcohol
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Better health habits
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Over consumption of cigarettes

Tiger Eye is excellent for heated conversation and will calm these situations. This is done by it allowing the individuals involved to see the other person’s view point and find some common ground. It is a great stone to have on hand when we find ourselves in difficult negotiations. Can aid with unresolved issues from past experiences. By placing a piece of Tiger Eye on either side of head will bring balance back to our brain’s hemispheres.

Tiger Eye for Physical Issues

  • Blood fortifier
  • Improves vitality
  • Increases strength
  • Restores balance within our body on all levels
  • Aids with the endocrine system
  • Balancing hormones
  • Aids with fertility
  • Relief from seasonal depression
  • Aids with relief from nightmares
  • Relief from asthma attacks
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Eye issues
  • Throat issues
  • Improve night vision
  • Aids with stomach issues
  • Aids with gallbladder issues
  • Repair broken bones

Emotional Issues 

  • Relieves fear
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Emotional balance
  • Brings an optimistic attitude
  • Brings hope
  • Brings confidence
  • Aids with negative thoughts
  • Dispels jealousy
  • Dispels pride
  • Dispels self criticism
  • Aids with finding self worth


Tiger Eye can be used to balance the solar plexus chakra. This chakra governs the nervous system, stomach, gall bladder, large intestine, liver and pancreas. If you have an issue in any of these ares it could be that your solar plexus chakra is out of balance. Some signs that this chakra is out of balance include procrastination, low self esteem, victim mentality. There are meditations that can be done to balance this chakra. During a meditation place a piece of Tiger Eye on the solar plexus chakra just above the belly button.

  • Zodiac sign – Gemini and Capricorn
  • Element/Feng Shui – Fire
  • Vibrational frequency – 4
  • Hardness – 6 – 7

Tiger Eye & Other Crystals

Tiger Eye is in the quartz family and will enhance the energies of other crystals it comes in contact with. It works great paired with any other crystal in the quartz family. For those who deal with others concerning negotiations.

  • Any other quartz
  • Amazonite
  • Blue Pietersite
  • Malachite
  • Charoite

If you deal with fear combine Tiger Eye with one of these. 

  • Shaman
  • Witch Finger
  • Menalite
  • Darwin Glass
  • Blue Opal
  • Staurolite
  • Rhodonite

Tiger Eye is a common stone that can be purchased at any metaphysical store or here. If you want to use Tiger Eye during meditation I recommend using a cabochon as it is flat on one side and will easily lay on the solar plexus chakra. Purchase Tiger Eye chokers and necklaces here.

Do you have Tiger Eye in your crystal collection? How do you use it?


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