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Natural Remedies for The Virus Work

I tried to post a link on Facebook to an article about how Melania Trump used natural remedies to deal with the virus on Medicine.News. There was also a link to another source attached to the article where Caroline M. Apovian, MD, the director of the Nutritiion and Weight Management Program at Boston Medical Center, previously told Business Insider. 

Let me tell you this, my daughter had the virus, we spent the day together when the first signs appeared. However, we did not think anything about as her throat was a little sore. I commented that if she had said something earlier I would have brought her some Kombucha and Elderberry Elixir, as this is what my husband and I take every day for preventive measures. We started doing this about 3 years ago and we don’t get sick. With that said I did not get sick, but now she is room mates with my son who does not do anything to stay healthy and he did not get it. She was going to work for 3 days, not thinking she had the virus, and car pooled with a co-worker. No one where she worked got it nor did the person she car pooled with. She was around approximately 9 different people and none of them got it. You know why? Because this new virus and no worse then those we currently deal with.

With any illness, no matter how bad, there are natural things we can do to avoid them. The most important is to tend to the immune system, 80% of it is located in the stomach. This may sound easy, it is, but there is a lot of changes needed to be made. These changes can be made a little at a time or all at once which can be overwhelming. We took these steps back in 2010- 2011 and were completed by 2012. Tend to the gut microbiome by feeding it probiotics and prebiotics. These can be obtained through reputable health stores or ingesting the following on a regular basis. You can ingest other fermentations, but these are the ones that contain a nice variety of probiotics.

  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut


Other supplements include Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc. Eat as much organic food as possible, grass fed beef, free range eggs & chicken, switch house hold cleaners, beauty care products and personal hygiene products to organic. Exercise in some form, raise your vibrational frequency through mediation, yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, get outside, sit/walk by a body of water, dance, sing, laugh, dream and love.

The Flu Vaccine

In other news today Korea has gone on a vaccine war path giving everyone the flu vaccine in hopes of avoiding another run in with the current virus. This has lead to 25 deaths, oh but it can’t be the vaccine, REALLY!! That’s funny because people who died from other issues had the virus listed as the cause of death. I love how they switch things around to serve their own purpose. While I could find no statics on how many people die from the vaccine there are stats on how many die from the flu it self from Explore Health. Funny the people who died were vaccinated?? Am I mistaken, if you get a vaccine, what ever it is, you are not suppose to get it?






Pregnant Women & The Flu Vaccine

I have not had the flu in years, nor have I ever had the vaccine. It confuses me as to why at this time they are giving pregnant mothers the flu vaccine. In 1991 I was pregnant with my first child and caught a horrible summer cold. All I wanted was some Nightquil, at that time, I called the doctor and was told I could not take it, but now a flu vaccine is ok? I would love to research the side effects of this, but a month before the virus all the search engines, including YouTube changed their algorhyms. However, I have been doing research for years and have some excellent resources, so I sought some out.  Dr Mercola, who use to come up on the first page did an article on September 26, 2019 concerning pregnant women and the flu vaccine.

While the article does not just focus totally on pregnant women and the vaccine, the part that does includes research funded by the CDC. The research found that pregnant women who received the flu vaccine were at eightfold at more risk of miscarriage. The following is from that article on  Dr Mercola’s site.

“Women who had received an inactivated 2009 pandemic H1N1-containing flu shot the previous year were more likely to suffer miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) within 28 days of receiving another pH1N1-containing flu shot during pregnancy.

While most of the miscarriages occurred during the first trimester, several also took place in the second trimester.45,46,47 The median fetal term at the time of miscarriage was seven weeks.

Of the 485 women who miscarried, 17 had been vaccinated twice in a row — once in the 28 days prior to miscarriage and once in the previous year. For comparison, of the 485 women who had normal pregnancies, only four had been vaccinated two years in a row.”



Whistleblower Dr. Carrie Madej

Last, but not least whistleblower Dr. Carrie Madej talks about all the evils of the upcoming vaccine and what we can do about it. This is a must watch for all no matter how you feel about what’s going on. This video was up on YouTube for 1 day before being removed. I’m thankful for Brighteon for their platform where people can post whatever they want, within reason, and we can decide to watch or believe it. Please share this video with others, communist Facebook will not allow any videos from this platform to be shared.

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