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“Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks”


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I started studying herbs in 2011. During that time I purchased some books, because I love books. I thought I would share with you 3 of the books I have. These are great to use as reference books, which is how I use them.

HomeGrown Herbs was the first book I purchased. This is an excellent book if you are wanting to grow your own herbs and use them to make your own products. 

The author Tammi Hartung has been working with and growing herbs for over 30 years. She guides you through the processs of choosing herbs and designing your herbal garden. Not all plants can be grown from seeds, you’ll learn the various ways to grow herbs and which method is used for each of the 100 herbs in this book.

You will learn about edible flowers, how to infuse herbs in oil and butter for culinary use. Learn which zone each herb grows best, soil, harvesting, benefits along with the best uses for them. Rather it be a foot soak, salve, tincture, syrup etc. 

This book is about organic growing and includes natural ways to deal with pests and the insects that are beneficial in the garden. The section  on Herb Personalities is full of colorful images of each herb. 

Paperback $19.49 Hardcover $36.83



This book, The Herbal Drugstore is a must have. Any health issue we deal with can be found in this 575 page book. From acne to strokes and everything in between.

The issue is discussed, over the counter and prescriptions are talked about along with their side effects. Then we are given natural alternatives in the way of essential oils and herbs. Some issues include recopies for various products you can make. 

While in the beginning preparations are discussed the actual way to create them is not given, but don’t worry the next book covers that.

Paperback $34.87 Hardcover $19.63

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by  Rosemary Gladstar is a must have for families. There are chapters just for children, men, women, elders and every day issues. There is also a section for beauty care with recipes. 

She gives recipes for various issues, some have several. Included are how to make tinctures, salves, herbal candies, syrups, capsules, herbal baths and more.

In appendix 1 she describes the herbs that are through out the book, parts to use, benefits and which herbs can be used with it. Includes color images of some of the herbs. Includes dosages for the various products being made.

Paperback $14.89 Kindle $11.99

Do you have any books on herbs? Let me know which one/ones and which is your favorite.

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