I have been living a holistic lifestyle in full since 2012. The journey started back in 2008 when my husband was misdiagnosed and told he would never work again. Through fate we learned what the real issue was for his health problems, mercury poisoning from the silver fillings in his teeth. He had 10 and it turns out they are 50% mercury. A friend of his had a health store and showed him how to detox from mercury, he was getting better.
At this point he had not worked in almost a year and his doctor told him he would never work again. With the help of his friend he was able to get a desk job and have the fillings removed. This caused his health to greatly improve, but there was still an issue. While doing research he found out that the dentists were not allowed to tell their patients that the silver fillings were toxic or they could lose their license. When we found this out we were like, what are we not being told and did some more research. Pandora’s box flew open and we learned how toxic our world really was.
This lead to us totally changing our lifestyle to one that was/is holistic/natural. We took baby steps and it took us 2 years to completely change the way we were living. This put his health over the top and he was able to back to the job he was doing before. We have continued to do research and have added other holistic practices into our lives. Due to this lifestyle I have been sick 1 time since we changed, take no meds and have not been to a doctor since 2009. I wish my husband can say the same, but he did reduce his meds, has also been sick 1 time since the change. He does go to the doctor, but only because he has to due to his job.
In 2014 I started writing on holistic/natural health, 2015 started a podcast and magazine on the topic and in 2016 started speaking on the topic. Now I am taking it another step in 2022 and will begin mentoring people who are interested in maximizing their health for a better quality of life holistically. This will be done through working with me in groups, one on one, workshops and in the future retreats.
Want to know the full story? Click here to watch/listen to our story, just under 4 minutes.

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