About Joyce

Joyce Wheeler

Joyce is passionate about helping individuals live a better quality of life holistically. She herself has lived a holistic lifestyle  since 2012. The spaces we live and work can have a negative or positive impact on our mindset. She wants to be sure your spaces have a positive impact on your life.

Originally from Chicago she lived in a 2 bedroom basement apartment with her husband and 4 children. Living in a small space with 6 people it was important to learn to declutter and organize. She lived there from 1988 to 2004 when her first husband went to sleep forever. 

Not only does she specialize in small spaces, but she also decluttered and reorganized after the death of her mom and husband.

Joyce has a few mottos she lives by and wants to share with you.

 “If you don’t use within a year get rid of it.” 

“Everything needs to have a place and it needs to make sense.”

“I’m not materialistic, it’s just more I have to clean.”

Her astrological sign

Joyce is a Virgo born on  August 28. Virgos are obsessed with organization. They like things to be easily accessible to them and do not like hunting things down. More than just being organized it needs to make sense. The Virgo would never decide that the counter is a good place to leave keys, they go back into her purse. If a male they would be near the door to grab quickly. 

When everything has a place that makes sense life is less stressful.

Joyce is a true Virgo and even piles up the dishes in the restaurant when everyone is done eating. They are then placed near the edge of the table, dirty side away, so they can be picked up easily. She even semi cleans the table of any food or water from the cups.

energy worker

meditation, mandala, transcendental-6808541.jpg

One of Joyce’s biggest passions is energy. Everything is energy and has a vibrational frequency. Clutter can hinder the flow of energy, stale energy in a space can cause various issues, negative energy poses a problem to our bodies natural vibrational frequency. Joyce has a variety of ways to bring the energy in any space back into harmony. 

Intuitive Empath

As an Intuitive Empath Joyce is able to know what her clients are feeling. This enable to be more caring, empathic and more in tune with her clients needs. She is also able to feel the energy in a space a reconfigure it so energy flows better for the clients overall health. 

Her creative side allows her to see the big picture and give suggestions on how a space will best serve her clients.

 Joyce is also able to connect with others energetically over Zoom, messaging or phone.

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