About Our Essential Oils

Essential Oils

The Heavenly Body team spent days and hours locating the best resources for essential oils. While our first priority was to locate organic essential oils we found that some of the superior oils were actually those which have been wildcrafted. We continue to search the world for the best oils not just for our customers, but for our own families as well. If we don’t use it, why should you?


Wildcrafted herbs are those which are gathered from the wild however, we are careful to make sure that this has been done in the proper manner. Herbs gathered in nature for holistic purposes should not be harvested along the roadside, but 500 feet away. They should be located in an area where pesticides and other harmful chemicals are not used.

Theraputic Grade and What it Means

We have incorporated the term therapeutic grade on our oils, but what does it mean? For us it lets our customers know that it is indeed an essential oil which can used on the skin when diluted with a carrier oil. There are oils on the market which are used for their fragrant smell, but are not intended for use on the body externally or internally. There is no organization or board which determines the grade of essential oils the term therapeutic grade came about for marketing purposes and to show that the oil could be used on the skin when diluted.

Our Blog

Our blog is an excellent resource to find out more about the various oils we use and how to use them. On each essential oil page there will be a link to the blog post for your convenience. Our research team spent hours researching each oil to be sure our customers would be supplied with the best, quality information on the web.

All information contained on the essential oils pages and the blog are for educational purposes only. As we are not any type of health care professional we recommend that our customers seek one out before using any essential oils.

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