Checklist for a Better Quality of Life Naturally

Would you like to have a better quality of life naturally? You came to the right place, with this checklist I will help you to start your journey. Here you will find small, manageable suggestions to have a better quality of life naturally, topics covered include.

  • Every day living – Here you will take baby steps to make healthy changes in your life. Some are changing personal hygiene products when they need to be replaced for a healthier option. Changing one food for organic once a week.
  • Health modalities to choose from –  Learn about a herb, essential oil, crystal or commit 10 minutes 2 to 3 times a week to tend to your natural vibrational frequency.
  • How to deal with stress naturally – This section includes a variety of ideas to deal with stress holistically.
  • The gut microbiome – Learn about the importance of the gut microbiome and how to tend to it.
  • Add supplements to your daily life –  Suggested supplements everyone should be taking.
  • Plants for better indoor quality – There various plants that will clean toxins out of indoor air.
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