Cleansing Charging and Preparing Crystals

When you acquire a new crystal you have no idea how many people touched it. Many crystals absorb negative along with other energies, for this reason they need to be cleansed. Which ever method you choose be sure there are no distractions or negative behaviors going on. It is best if you are alone in a quite space. Always use your intuition as it will never steer you wrong.

Cleansing Crystals

White Sage – Using White Sage to cleanse crystals is the method that I prefer. However, due to the fact White Sage is highly sought after some companies are practicing unethical practices. At this time White Sage is on the watch list for endangered plants. If you choose this method be sure to purchase from companies with good ethic practices. Light the Sage and blow gently on it to increase the burn. Once it is smoking pretty good let the smoke encircle the crystal/crystals to be cleansed. Be sure to turn the crystal to get all sides, you can also imagine the crystal being cleansed or say a mantra. Something like thank you Sage for cleansing my crystal multiple times. When you are finished place the Sage in an Abalone shell or other fire safe shallow container until it burns out.

Palo Santo – Palo Santo can be used as you would White Sage, but again there are some unethical practices going on. Not only that, but it is a lot harder to get it to smoke as it is actually wood.

Sea Salt – Crystals can be buried in Sea Salt over night. Note that some crystal are softer than others and the salt could damage them.

Sound – If you have singing bowls, cymbals, bells, a tuning fork or drums can be used to cleanse crystals, plus increase the energy. Take your crystal/crystals and place near the instrument, be sure to emanate good intentions. Use your intuition to determine when to stop. Once again you can say a mantra while doing this.

Selenite – Selenite is a crystal that absorbs negative energy and never has to be cleansed. They can be purchased as bowls, wands or charging plates and are perfect for cleansing crystals. Simply place crystal/crystals on or in them over night.

Water – This is a method you need be careful with because some crystals are softer than others and can be damaged. If using this method I commend using filtered water or taking the crystals to a body of salt water or natural spring. When using filtered water let the water flow over the crystals and see them being cleansed. If you use a body of water hold the crystal/crystals in your hand and let the water flow over them again seeing them being cleansed.

Burying – Take the crystal/crystals and bury them in the ground over night. Be sure they will not be disturbed and mark the spot with something that will not get pushed/pulled off. Consider a brick or stone to mark the spot.

Frankincense Resin – Frankincense is another good thing for removing negative energies. With the resin I recommend getting quick lighting charcoal tablets for this. Once the resin starts smoking run the crystal/crystals through the smoke. I do not recommend using essential oils as it may damage the crystal.

Energizing Crystals

Moon and Sun Light – Crystals can place outside in the moon light or sunlight to energize them. I only put mine out during the full moon with the sun, some crystals will fade. The problem with them fading is that the deeper the color the higher the vibration.

Selenite – Selenite not only cleanses crystals, but also imparts higher energy. If you carry crystals with you or wear them consider placing them on a Selenite wand, charging plate or in a Selenite bowl before going to bed.

Programming Crystals

When it comes to programming I encourage you to use your intuition. First, though, you want to know what you want the crystal to do. If I was using Rose Quartz to attract love I might say Rose Quartz I ask you to bring my soul mate to me, and because we want to be as if, Rose Quartz thank you for bringing my soul mate to me. Take a deep breath in through the nose and breathe out in a puff on the crystal and say and so it is. This is what I do, but again use your intuition for what feels right for you.

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