Cutting the emotional cords of heart break

We all know heart break is hard. Did you know that there are energetic attachments left behind after heart break? There are in the way of various objects which can trigger our body to recall that hurt. This has a negative impact on us emotionally and mentally. It’s like when you smell something that triggers your mind and emotions, objects do the same thing. 

In this checklist you will get 25 suggestions to help you Cut the Emotional Cords of Heart Break. However, there are different types of heart break, break up with a partner, death of a partner, break up with long time friend and our children can give us heart break. Not all of the suggestions are for everyone, but most of them can be applied to whatever type of heart break you have experienced. Here are 5 suggestions from the checklist. 

Start a new hobby

Plan a weekend getaway with a friend or to visit family or friends

Rearrange decorative items

Give yourself 5 hugs every day

The idea is to make lifestyle changes so you won’t be trigged by things being the same before the heart break.


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