Decluttering & Organizing

For a better quality of life.

What does clutter have to do with our health? Everything, it has a negative effect on our mental health which can led to physical issues, depression, poor relationships, poor job performance and this all impacts our finances. It also hinders the flow of the energy in our homes which effects our natural vibrational frequency. When our vibrational frequency is low we are at risk for health issues as well. Clutter also causes stress which causes the immune system not function at its full capacity leaving the body open for sickness.

We will do a 30 minute free consultation to determine your needs and formulate a plan of action.  This service is provided both in person or virtually

get help decluttering & organizing the following

Bedrooms, closets, nursery, playroom, guest rooms, home office, computer files

Living room, knickknacks, books, magazines, collections, photos, dinning room

Basements, attics, garages, game rooms, media rooms, in law quarters, guest house, pool house, craft room



Kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, bathroom


Addiontal services

  • Decluttering after the loss of a loved one
  • Reconfigure a space
  • Create more space
  • Add shelving
  • Energy cleansing
  • Help you choose plants to clean the indoor air and supply more oxygen
  • Help you choose crystals for specific needs, decorative and create jewelry
  • We can check the exposure level of radio frequency and electromagnetic levels you are being exposed to and offer suggestions to resolve the issue.
  • We can check general levels of ionizing radiation you are being exposed to and offer suggestions to resolve the issue.
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