Firm Up Face and Body Toner


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Firm Up is a toner for the face and body. It comes in a 1 oz spray bottle, spray over the face and body parts. Can reduce wrinkles and tone up your skin for a firmer complexation.


Organic Kombucha

Organic Lavender

Organic Comfrey

Organic Calendula

Leucidal Liquid (plant based preservative)

To learn more about how Kombucha benefits your skin click here.

Lavender – May reduce age spots, its anti-inflammatory and antioxadent properties aid in the reduction of signs of aging. Lavender is excellent for toning the skin and supplies oxygen to the skin along with nutrients to the skin cells. Which in turn keeps the cells healthy and improves the regeneration of the cells.

Comfrey – Contains vitamin C which aids with the production of collagen which can aid with producing new skin cells.

Calendula – Has a positive effect on the blood flow to cells along providing the skin with antioxidants which protects the skin and may reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Lucidal Liquid – Plant based preservative from a compound found in Kimchi

Disclaimer: For educational purposes always consult with a health care professional before using any herbs.


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