Selenite Wands


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All wands are flat and approximately 6″, the one you receive may not be the one in the image, but comparable.

Selenite wands are excellent for ridding the home, body, aura and crystals of negative energy. This is an excellent substitute for those who have an issue with smoke or do not like the smell of the Sage smudging stick.

For the Home

To use them in the home simply place a Selenite wand along each wall. Not only will this clear negative energy, but also give the room a nice peaceful energy everyone will enjoy.

For the Body and Aura

To cleanse the body and aura take the wand in your hand and starting at the feet move over the body being sure to get both front and back until you reach the top of the head. The wand does not have to touch the body in order to work.

Cleansing Crystals

Place the wand in an area will it will not be disturb and place the crystals to be cleansed on it either over night or for 24 hours. The time is going to depend on how often you cleanse your crystals and how much negativity they have been exposed to. Here is were your intuition comes into play, always listen to it.


Zodiac Sign – Taurus April 20 – May 20

Chakra – Crown, Third Eye

Hardness – 2

Number Frequency – 8

Fung Shuai – Metal

Element – Water

Planet – Moon


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