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Heavenly Bodies Versatile is a product which can be used in various ways and for females and males as well as babies and children.

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Have you ever wanted a multi use beauty product? Versatile is a powerful yet gentle moisturizing cleanser which can be used to wash you from literally head to toe-whoa. Not only does it cleanse and moisturize the body, use it as a hair conditioner, as well as, mild make-up remover.

Formulated to be rich with moisturizing agents which feed the skin and hair follicles. Suitable for all skin types, but remarkably hydrating for dry skin.


How Does It Cleanse?

Both the butter and oil contain lipids which work with the skin’s sebum to naturally dislodge dirt and debris without stripping the skin of natural oils. The glycerin in the Vegetable Glycerin is a byproduct of soap which allows for a gentle cleansing process.


  • Kokum Butter
  • Olive Oil infused with Comfrey and Shungite
  • Witch Hazel infused with Shungite
  • Vegetable Glycerin infused with Shungite
  • Kombucha
  • Emulsifying Wax
  • Lecithin (organic soy thickening product)
  • Leucidal Liquid (preservative derived from Kimchi)

2 oz


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