About Shungite

Shungite is a mineral that comes from Karelia Russia and no where else. It is said to contain all of the energies and medicinal properties of all of the crystals. One unique aspect of Shungite are the fullerenes. Fullerenes is what makes up the unique structure of this mineral giving it the ability to aid humans in very aspects of our lives. Within Shungite the fullerenes are known as buckyballs Read more.

About Our Essential Oils
The Heavenly Body team spent days and hours locating the best resources for essential oils. While our first priority was to locate organic essential oils we found that some of the superior oils were actually those which have been wildcrafted. We continue to search the world for the best oils not just for our customers, but for our own families as well. If we don’t use it, why should you?
Diluting Essential Oils
Knowing just how to dilute essential oils is important. This is because pure essential oils put directly on the skin can cause irritation. It is also important to know because oils need to be diluted depending on how they will be used and who will be using them.
Cleansing Charging and Preparing Crystals
When we buy crystals we have no idea who has touched or how many people have touched them. For this reason we want to make sure we cleanse them before using them. This is a very personal process and should be done alone without interruptions or negative influences. Be sure your mind is clear from all distractions and negative thoughts.
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