healthy eating
for a
healthly life
with stress
remove toxins
from your

This course will teach you why you still feel hungry after you eat, the issues with animal products, why we need supplements, which ones everyone should be taking and why and much more. This is a 8 week course which can be done in a group or one on one. There are also some perks like tried and true recipes from Joyce. Psst, secret, you do not need to give any of your favorite foods.

What does clutter have to do with our health? Everything, it has a negative effect on our mental health which can led to physical issues, depression, our relationships, job and this all impacts our finances. It also hinders the flow of the energy in our homes which effects our natural vibrational frequency. When our vibrational frequency is low we are at risk for health issues as well. Clutter also causes stress which causes the immune system to not function at its full capacity leaving the body open for sickness.


Stress has a negative impact on our health in a variety of ways. Our bodies react to stress just like it does when our fight or flight mode kicks in. Only it does not get the break like it does once we feel safe from the bear that was chasing us. This can lead to a variety of health issues. Negative effects on the heart, blood pressure, digestive system, immune system, high levels of Cortisol effects the health of our brain. Stress also effects our concentration, relationships, job which in turn has a negative impact on our finances.

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