Joyce is a native of Chicago who relocated to the south in 2005 after the death of her first husband. She remarried in 2005 and moved to West Tennessee with her 3 children and lived for 5 years. In 2010 her and her family moved to South West Louisiana.

In late 2008 her husband Randy became sick. He was a truck driver and told he had reoccurring mono and needed to take a month. After the month he was no better, but worse sleeping 16 hours a day to which the doctor said it’s chronic fatigue syndrome. Six months later he is no better, but while watching a talk show gets a clue to what is really wrong. The guest on the show had suffered from mercury poisoning and when he started describing his symptoms my husband said “That’s me!”

He then started doing research to find out where the mercury was coming from. Turns the fillings in his teeth was the issue. He had 10 amalgam (silver) in his mouth. A chils hood friend owned a health store and gave him a protocol of detoxing with the footbath ionizer, broken cell 

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